Viper Sinscythe
Viper as a civilian and Viper appears as a green serpent of Monk He
Vital statistics
Title Director (20)
Gender Male
Status In Relationship
Spouse(s) Vahlia Harare
Parents Abuso Sinscythe (father)

Mai Sinscythe (mother)

Appearances Episode 2
Portrayed by User:Jayvdale
Birthday February 19
Age 23
Best Word XI
Best Score 38

Viper is a first antagonist and main antagonist of Season 1.


Viper was noticed and graduated on college with Steve and Arances, they are his real enemies on any events 10 years ago starting elementary until now but he reunited with a Monk He with their new member Cyan. He is the main antagonist of the first season and he is over command of Cyan . He come to fight Steve's apprentice for the battle himself.


Viper has a green-eyed color like venomous apperance unlike Cyan he is very similar character they met.


Viper's objective is to become a Scrabout King and he wants to fight Jayvees all of his might. Viper supposed to his strongest opponent to countdown battles.

First AppearanceEdit

Main AppearanceEdit

Viper made his first appearance in Battle In Temple Part 1 when Viper would outside the Greek Mythology Zeus Temple. But he stops and talk them "How the hell did you doing here". Viper introduced themselves to incoming new members and him.

Battle AppearanceEdit

Viper duels Nortis in battle inside of Greek Mythology Zeus Temple. Due to that effect of background Viper is the official first turn of the series because of that effect. Viper can improvised his points and scores against the player. In his past Monk He want him to join them but he declined, when he declines Monk He explains the truth after that he is understand their truth.


When he want to fight Jayvees . Viper uses a left-handed for shuffling and putting pieces. His background is a temples, dangerous jungles and spring seasons. Viper has green sight so he prevent the enemies strategies.

Season 1Edit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Nortis 2-3 Lose
Jayvees 4 Lose (Past)
Jayvees 8-9 TBD?
Garuda Scrabble Photos Tournament TBA

Viper had battle to Nortis due to his vengeance. Viper will be hard enemy because he could prevent Nortis 's traps. Viper will blow the foe himself according to Arances. On Battle In Temple (Part 2). When Viper is defeated in the past against him and Viper appears again versus Jayvees in Viper's Fullbring to battle for vengeance.


In the new tournament Viper joins to the new tournament for the profile picture.