Versong as he enter MonCast college and still enter any tournaments
Vital statistics
Title Supervising Secretary (12)
Gender Male
Status Single
Parents Jonathan Natad Sr. (father)

unknown mother (mother)

Appearances Episode 10
Portrayed by Jayvdale
Birthday December, 11
Age 17
Best Word JUICY
Best Score 33

Versong is the son of the politician, he is an adorable very good player when he is seeking the whole true alleged. He was first appeared on Episode 10 as a commentator and he is able to battle in first battle against that selected person. Sellar mentions him that he is like stronger to her and very powerful. He would appear in the against someone else so he deprived some of his losses and his burrying moments under the ego of Natad generation. Versong also appears in any kind of tournament and he would raise his rank by entering any season tournaments


Sellar mentions Hint while battling Jayvees on the gymnasium, he was joined the tournament for the school, he is the ally of Jayvees. Versong shrudded in the crowd of many students surrounds him and he replied to the people decimate. Nortis vaguely intesify when they first met he would be proud if Versong knows Nortis's trap and he will sought him for the finals for which is the strongest among the time.


Versong is now the official player of the first season of tournament 8-player single elimination division created by the two creators of this wiki are Jayvdale and MrScrabout he is the fourth person who was qualify and he is a student of MonCast. He is assigned in Game 3 against Takuma and won, then he must beat Aaron in Game 6 anf won and the pilot Garuda on Finals. He was titled second place of first season. Versong joins to the new tournament for the profile picture.

Battle Reports (Anime)Edit


As he appear in anime.

Sellar mentions him that he is more powerful than her. And Mike suspects Versong is the one of the good students of BSU.


His hair looks red, very nice attitude and good reputation to the school, he is studied well as he knows anything but in Accounting and his word looks his highest score against his last enemies.

Battle Reports (Game)Edit

Versong is the one of the qualifiers of Season 1 in the tournament.

Tournament Season 1Edit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Crystalkin Game 4 Win
Aaron Game 6 Win
Garuda Finals (Season 1) Lose (1st-runner up)
Bantog Scrabble Photos Tournament Win
Balrog Scrabble Photos Tournament TBA

Versong registers and he was the one of the official top eight who were qualified to the tournament, Versong defeats the two out of three enemies in the game, he made it till finals. Viceroy attempt to use Jayvees as Hint but the rules in the final is changed due to forbidden use of hints. Hint is dreamed about the first season of tournament that was he fear if Nortis lose in final game for seasons. Also Versong enters Scrabble Photos Tournament to make proud from Jayvees and going his respective picture to represent as profile picture.


  • Versong is the pure-blood of Natad family, his name was used as the minister of their family
  • Versong birthday is the same of birthday of Jayvees's father
  • Versong will make appearance of Episode 10 with Garuda.