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Slater in Ultimate Scrabbling Competition 1.
Vital statistics
Title Challenger
Gender Male
Status Widow
Spouse(s) Linda (deceased wife)
Parents Sven Sr. (father)
Lina Moonfang (mother)
Children Svensson
John Cena
Appearances USC 1
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Birthday January 13, 1959
Age 54
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Sven is the new player debut in scrabble. He is from Montevista when he was born. He appeared as the first match is revealed for the professional debut is Adjaua. It is also making a next game for first royal rumble. Also reveals to be No. 1 contender for the USC 3.

Professional RecordEdit

0 Wins 1 Loses
Res. Record Opponent Full Name Type Player
Date Location Notes
Lost0-1AdjauaJohn Rey Adjaua BINGO 234 293 May 18, 2013 PGSO Comval Professional and USC Debut
N/ATBDAdjauaJohn Rey Adjaua TBA ??? ??? June 10, 2013 PGSO Comval Battle for the No. 1 Contender