Steve vs. Waray

Slater vs. You
File:USC 1 Slater vs. You.PNG







Slater debut
You debut
You wins the battle.




Powers & Abilities
  • quit
  • nor
    • widen
  • mock
    • mere
  • ageing
  • jays
  • trap
  • quarter
    • slay
    • quarters
  • divas
    • fonts
  • slayer
  • hobo
    • he
    • or
  • wain
  • mi
  • jut
    • up
  • pig
  • pup
  • coax
  • no
    • do
  • ea
    • oat
  • wide
  • eke
  • ere
  • arsonist
    • ws (USC 1 illegal word)
  • final
  • el (2x)
  • quart
  • molt
  • odd
  • font
  • north
  • been
  • tire
  • vane
  • zit
  • client
  • xi
Damage Sustained/Casualties

You victorious

Slater defeated

The fight between Slater and You for their first professional debut in Ultimate Scrabbling Championship. With the return of You Nagazaki, Slater is really made his debut and first game for the professional scrabble. And declared to be You's first won in professional fights.


You is delivering his speech to the world about his debut in USC championship. He was gladly accepted to be in my feudal responsibilities. After defeated by Versong in past battles he is now change. When defeated by Steve, and Adjaua again You decided to battle Jayvees in this professional but he was president so he want must to take over next USC. 


You will receive his first turn of the game. You must use five words with Q however failed only he puts the word QUIT for twenty six points. Slater making double letter score of two words but he decides to be helpful in order to decreases the debt. You adds the word from N in NOR that returns is speciality. Slater adds ERE but You did add again from M in MOCK.

Slater adds its bingo attack but You repelled it again by chance by passing while Slater uses triple word. Also You puts AGEING for 27 points dealing a normal chance to lead the score. You able to trap with triple word score in two distinct words to increase the high score attack. Slater unleashed NORTH to add from NOR leading some double word score.

You defends a triple word is bottom right edge to prevent Slater scoring a triple word again. You reaches the score of 300 by putting WAIN assisting MI. Slater no longer to chase You scores so he decided to play seriously but he surrendered by passing it and later on. YOU uses his remaining word and says scrabble.


Slater lose the match against You. Slater is placed for the losers battle while You is placed for the winners battle. In his next game in the winners battle. You wants to battle Jayvees in the next USC 2 and Slater is decided to vacated himself for four months but he postponed for the upcoming Royal Rumble. The next battle is going to be Steve versus Waray. Steve puts his precision and perception in his next game. Yesterday he wins two games later on a real match. And other hand is Sven versus Adjaua.