Salty Solution
Season 1, Episode 9
Written by Jayvdale
Directed by Jayvdale
Music Theme guide
Ending Song lights out
Battle Word
Fight Jayvees versus Cyan (Part 2)

Adjaua versus Nortis versus Edmus versus Jajude.

Background Oceans
Character Jajude
Episode guide
Cyan Sea of Vengeance
The Tournament
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This is the first season and ninth episode of the series of the day. It will aired on youtube on ?



The battle continues intellectualy and he observes the power of scores, Cyan got higher score than Jayvees which means he has extra 50 points however. Nortis pathetically explains Cyan ideas and overwrite. After the fight the guy who slams Brylle and Hint is the guy who uses violet shield that capables to battle Adjaua, Nortis and Edmus. Jayvees thinks vague in the sudden deaths when relentless mode still, Jayvees or Cyan sees four same letters on the rack so he is going to change but the pass is invalid so this is the fatal problem to them.