Qi is a word and one of the Usherettes of Scrabble Photos Tournament in Year 2015 that takes place.


In his children age Qi lost her father and mother even his siblings because the ship they traveled was sunk and Qi is one of the survivors only in the family. Qi ask the rescuers where his family and he respond that they're dead Qi cried a lot become orphan later he was adapted by Mr. Q. Mr Q. gave him his new identity in the name of Qi the first son of the Q family.

Q family made a very peaceful business empire in the country of Italy. They are not scared by the mafias who opposed them.

Qat the second son ask Qi to play Scrabble in order to search for Jayvees in real life but failed. Qat returns to Qi that enter the newest tournament called Scrabble Photos Tournament 2015 to get the money. Qat was shocked that Qi is Usherettes because of the Bonut Mechanics. They are both dock down that they failed to take the spot like his family was destroyed by the tragic accident of the sea.

Scrabble Photos TournamentEdit

Qi registered Scrabble Photos Tournament of 2015 as No. 0002 the second earliest person who registered after Quiapo who is No. 0001. His opponent is Crusada the sword of Cloud Line and they have a match for the position of Usherettes No. 02.

Qi was victorious in the match against Crusada with the score of 324-253 ultimately destroying him on November 12, 2015. Qi was selected as the Usherette No. 02.