Noob also called as noob player is a male player who is beginner of scrabble last year. He wons the game but losing excessively. Noob joins two tournaments a championship and Scrabble Photos Tournament. For those enemies he defeats in the battle calling them weak. Noob returns on the second Scrabble Photos Tournament as Witness No. 09 for the making.

Scrabble Photos TournamentEdit

Noob is the powerful player, he takes down a veteran player and adventurer Kernel in the tournament. The second opponent is Jagore a violent player who mercilessly defeats his opponents. Noob was destroyed by Jagore ending his place in top-16.

Noob returns to Scrabble Photos Tournament of 2015 registers as Player No. 100. Noob was selected and taken the position of Witness No. 09. Noob's opponent was Rei and then Noob calling Rei a noob but classified Rei is newcomer.

Noob already taken down to Rei even he was a newcomer. Noob lose the battle to Rei with the score of 227-347 and therefore Noob was so sad that he was the opponent who destroyed Noob completely. But Noob is no longer interested in such matters like Witness position.