Jajude is the unique player from National College in 6 years ago he starts in playing Scrabble and become epic player of the world, Jajude is extremely talented on his naive ambition to be King of Scrabout, Jajude knows Hint is probably the hindrance of his life when he was lost by Hint. Jajude is currently devoided his life on piece of cake. Jajude is the participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015) and he won the position of Witness No. 08.


Jajude is purpled-hair dyed clothes and he is tall man and very sensitive. Jajude is look handsome if you compare to Jayvees and he has scar on his forehead and he has the symbolized of something beautiful butterfly.

Scrabble Photos Tournament Edit

Jajude is the participant of the Scrabble Photos Tournament in 2015 as Player No. 044. Jajude was selected in Witness No. 08 and his opponent was Duvag. Jajude complains how he not got a Witness position while he don't know what is witness. Jajude gain victory against Duvag with the score of 369-341. Although Jajude is hot and gorgeous he do his best to interview everyone as he can. He won the position of Witness No. 08 due to his great battle.