Jagore is the ruthless player in all time. He mercilessly defeats Jasmine with a nine word score and fully blocks another bingo for Jasmine. Jagore returns to Scrabble Photos Tournament the 2015 version to become the champion again but ended up sit a Witness No. 06 role.

Character Edit

Jagore is indeed a maleficent one that he portrayed brutal attacks to his opponents when he is winning especially on taking down Jasmine and Noob. Jagore is also a straightforward person that he accurately share his story to his fellow players in Scrabble Photos Tournament 1 and 2.


Jagore registering himself in the Scrabble Photos Tournament to represent his respective photo to become a profile picture. In the first Scrabble Photos Tournament he brutally defeats Jasmine in the first round, beats Noob in the second round but was taken down by Versong on the third round.

Jagore returns Scrabble Photos Tournament he registered under Player No. 0018. He take the position of Witness No. 06 and the opponent was Quasimodo to prove who is the best. Jagore bested him by scoring 308-273 Jagore lead. Therefore Jagore takes and gained the position of Witness No. 06 while Quasimodo fail to earn the position but respects Jagore as well.