Hint's background and theme of Nortis's world

Hint was a master of scrabout, he is the archenemy of creator and he uses his chosen one to make him powerful that's why he used that man because he can overwhelmed the evil organization called Monk He. And he never become a Scrabout King because of that power of cowardice and even the fears tremble each process. And he hides to Nortis to aid him in battle carefully his secret until he will become the next Scrabout King without knowing anyone that he is the behind of Nortis' fame. Hint is revealed to be ideal player rejected to be corrupted player before.

Hints UseEdit

Hint has use too many moves which without knowing the creators idea.

Battle In Temple Part 2Edit

AIRY - it is use to make the enemies stun.

AYES - it is use as combination

GIVEN - it is use to take advance against Viper.

First AppearanceEdit

Hint is came to Nortis mind to defeat Viper in the match also he is still there until the time has come.

Main AppearanceEdit

Hint made his first appearance in Battle In Temple Part 2 then quickly appears in front of Nortis . To help him, Hint tell Nortis about the first hint of the game without Viper knows. Only him knows all of their strategy without looking and the truth would be in late episodes.

Battle AppearanceEdit

(see in hints use)


Hint has the only one user who knows to be trusted.


Nortis permanently uses Hint if he could be lose or before to lose or the goddess of luck and chance.

List of Words Used by HintEdit

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Hint uses the following words and explanations: Hint was first appeared in Episode 3 until present seems as the following.

People Who Knows Hint's hideoutEdit

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Few persons that there are only a few characters in the series who know Hint's real hideout. None of them have ever betrayed Nortis's mind to date. The main characters to know the secret are Jayvees Dale A. Mante are the first who knows Nortis's identity during their battle.