Greek Mythology Zeus TempleEdit

The Ancient Greek Temple of Zeus symbolized the might of the Greek empire in the ancient world. The Ancient Greek Temple of Zeus was built in the sanctuary at Olympia. This sanctuary consisted of temples dedicated to the Pan-Hellinic deities. The temple was located in the enclosure of Altis which was a sacred groove in the sanctuary.

Battle In TempleEdit

The picture is a cathedral or church that it was build beautifully and that's the ownership of Viper Sinscythe, when Viper appears, this background is use as his first turn as a start, by the chance is 65% sure. Steve knows the identity of temple was made in Zeus. This background also Hint appears to help Nortis and free on this place, But Viper don't know that the place was imprisoned by Computer.


Zeus, the king of gods


Hint lives prison in this temple due to release from Jayvees 's mind and the creator don't know that how Computer frees Hint from Jayvees?