Gassapar was living on Grassland since 1994. He will be participating Scrabble Elo Ranking in order to live in Monkayo or living in Jayvees' house. Gassapar registers Scrabble Photos Tournament of 2015 and takes the Judge seat.

Story Edit

Gassapar is a neighbor of Jayvees before and still now the neighbor of his friends like Steve so he was like from Agdao, Davao City. He respect Jayvees a lot that is why he didn't react to take the Judge seat because Jayvees itself uses the Bunot Mechanics.

Scrabble Photos Tournament Edit

Eredar entered Scrabble Photos Tournament as No. 0058 and he was selected as Judge seat No. 03 West and his opponent was Zuzela.

Gassapar was defeated by Zuzela on the score of 330-368 taking the best fight of judge seat but lost the title.