Garuda is a participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament and Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 and fight the position of Contestant No. 14.


Garuda is a new pilot, he studied in Aviation course and he flight to the world. But he want to is to enter the Season 1 in tournament when he applied to me and I accept as a official player. Garuda visits in airport for training but the manager told him that he will be teached if he won in one tournament. Garuda is a first champion of the firstest season. Because of this champion, the manager hired him in many heroism, expectation, reason, and objections. Garuda is now the official player of the first season of tournament 8-player single elimination division created by the two creators of this wiki are Jayvdale and MrScrabout he is the third person who was qualify and he is a student of MonCast. He is assigned in Game 1 against Byll and won, then he advanced to Game 5 against Viceroy and won .In Finals he must beat and deal with Versong. And he was the champion of the first season of 8-Player Single Elimination or Two-Player Mod. Garuda joins to the new tournament for the profile picture.

He comments about Edgeworth is the prosecutor, he was involved with in the case which Edgesworth himself is the one who solve about Garuda's cousin's murder case five months ago. And Garuda happy to met the guy like him, and also won the first elimination game. So that he would see him if he survives for the third elimination game.


Garuda enters Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 registering as Player No. 0004. He fight the position of Contestant No. 14 and his opponent was Bedark.


  • Garuda is a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.[1]
  • In Monster Galaxy that Garuda is a Aries Zodiac, Tanker, With Attack 2 and Defense stats. Garuda taloned' wings let it shred its enemies, and it's fluffy tail lets it to tickle its friends..[2]
  • Garuda is the first people who is the champion of the first season
  • Garuda will make his appearance on Episode 10 with Versong.