This is the first season and sixth episode of the series of the day. It will aired on youtube on May 21, 2012.

Memo huntress
Season 1, Episode 6
Written by Jayvdale
Directed by MrScrabout
Music Theme guide
Opening Song ~none~
Ending Song Lights Out
Battle Word
Fight Jayvees versus Sellar
Background Autumn Forest
Character Versong
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The battle continues between Sellar and Jayvees, Jayvees engaged a battle and the background is still and all of the people without exception were suprised and nagging to it, the girl who talk about is using a serial movement against Jayvees but some peoples are students, teachers, parents, principals including the librarian were amazed the glimpsed of them. Jayvees exhale the feel of power. While ago she mentions Versong for the first time and revealed that he is second son of Jonathan Natad Sr. While in battle, Jude suspects Adjaua and Nortis that the case when Brylle was attempted murder to shoot in Basketball. So who is these people who knockout Brylle and Hint.


The battle continues on previous episode


The Winner of the battle is Jayvees. It revealed the Sellar got fail in the battle because she seeks only high scores but she doesn't sense truth and her faith in ways. Adjaua explains difficulty in situation and someone manifested about the incident when Brylle was being thrown also Hint when he attempt to look for Jayvees by Nortis agreement, Hint was being thrown and shot in the ring hilarious. It seems they intent to begin the case for Brylle's Justice and who is the person who hacked the Autumn Spring? this episode continues when the battle end.

Mistakes and SuspicionsEdit

I suspect Sellar that why she lost in battle in many ways.