Edgeworth is the prosecutor of the United States America. He is the ruthless prosecutor in time, he stop playing chess because of his duty to become a prosecutor. Later on, he registered to the scrabble games which he wants to fight Wright there. Many foughts battle with Edgeworth and Wright but gets on a tie. Once again Edgeworth is now interested in Scrabout 2015 and Scrabble 2016.

Scrabble Photos TournamentEdit

Edgeworth registers to enter the tournament which that he is debut with Wright in the tournament. He personally beats Aniki in the first elimination games. In the next, his second opponent is the weapon name Crusada but he lost. Edgeworth returns to Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015) and registered player as Player No. 0012. He take the role of Cameraman No. 05 which frustrated him. His opponent is Kira from Japan a young girl who likes extreme. He lose the battle against Kira with the score of 272-290 furious and left Scrabble Photos Tournament 2.


  • Edgeworth is the esteemed prosecutor and an old friend of Phoenix Wright.[1]