Eahgnod or Dong Hae is the son of Anna Laker and Jason Kim in Filipino Dub Name. He was the husband of Bea Lee in the timeline and half-brother of Theo Kim which the son of the Kim family. He is explorer like Kernel. When his life ended he was struck in this place in Monkayo to start another journey alone.

Retirement and ReturnEdit

Eahgnod is retired on 2013 but returned this day of October 26, 2015. He defeated Steve in the battle but due to respect. Eahgnod is now allowed to be listed as registered player along with Lizaru, Elbuzt and Destiny Rose. Eahgnod is the rival of Batheo with his wife Bathea. Eahgnod is the excellent chef and he was looking his friends here including all of the host to enter the series. Eahgnod advances to semi-finals but failed to get the crown and his picture to profile picture. But he eventually return to register in the arena he manage to defeat Steve to get the money.

Now Eahgnod is taking the player No. 0141 on Scrabble Photos Tournament 2. He takes the role of Seat Helper No. 03 and his opponent was Galactic. But he was lost with the score of 273-296 and departed from the tournament.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Lacetter Scrabble Photos Tournament Won
Bellarius Scrabble Photos Tournament Won
D Scrabble Photos Tournament Won
Wright Scrabble Photos Tournament Lose
Steve Scrabble Photos Tournament 2015 Won
Galactic Scrabble Photos Tournament 2015 Lose