D is popular known in One Piece as the middle initial. It is middle initial of Luffy, Ace, Garp, and even the deceased pirate king Gol D. Roger. Jayvees is confused who is he/she and why he/she registered in there. D is taking a male appearance and enters various tournament such as Scrabble Photos Tournament and Scrabble Photos Tournament 2.


D first enter Scrabble Photos Tournament to become a champion as a bye. It defeat Jt and Galactic but only to be defeated by Eahgnod in Semi-Finals.

D returns on Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 to become a champion but no longer a bye but the to take the role of Contestant No. 06. D was registered as Player No. 0011 and was chosen as a Contestant make him lucky at the time. D's opponent is Balanar the dark person who is tall for his responsibility and amusement for board game players.