Crystalkin was a representative in Assumption College of Nabunturan the welfare and he solved the smaller riddle and important notice that Crystalkin mentions Steve and Arances as his ultimate idol. Crystalkin excuses all of his classmates and teachers that he decided to enter the first season of tournament. Crystalkin was invited by Jayvees to be part of Scrabout 2015 and part of the roster on it.


Crystalkin is a happy man and he idolizes Steve and Arances. When he sees Jayvees he felt amazed and he is also extremely happen when he was invited on Scrabout 2015. Crystalkin having a mediocre at scrabble he get upset when he was lose in the tournament while he win he feel amazed on himself. Crystalkin was also respect his opponent including the champions. Crystalkin particular in common knows Conan and he is the hard opponent he confronted.

Scrabout 2015 Edit