Conan is very intelligent from UIC Davao, Private Detective and the saviour of police agencies Conan is oppressed someone's talent. Conan is joining Scrabble Games to meet his co-workers of his club. The legend of the world's most intelligent kid. Conan is a member of Detective Boys, and he is excellent in soccer and detective skill, he likes Sherlock Holmes and he is a shrunken form of Kudô Shinichi.


Conan is now the official player of the first season of tournament 8-player single elimination division created by the two creators of this wiki are Jayvdale and MrScrabout he is the second person who was qualify and his hint is himself. He is assigned in Game 2 against Viceroy and lost. Conan joins to the new tournament for the profile picture.

Tournament Season 1Edit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Viceroy Game 2 Lose


  • A High-school Detective, he is forced to ingest the lethal poison APTX 4869 after his encounter with Gin and Vodka. Is the alias used by Shinichi Kudo in his shrunken form.[1][2]