Bantog was one of the host along with his teenager Adjaua on November 2012. He was studying MATIF and he was comparative rival on Adjaua however he was lost to him in the CDIC on August 2012. He also participate in Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015).

Bantog was the participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015) but was lost. Before that he was one of the host along with Adjaua on November 2015 and they're hot-blooded rivals on CDIC around August 2015.


Bantog was a former champion since 2009 to 2012. He defeat many countless opponents in the battle by himself. He does pair up with Adjaua and Jerconan also. Bantog receive the very good player since 2010 and 2011. He may take down Adagio in the game consist of his failure to achieve the champion. Bantog beginning his secretariat drafter since this 2012. And now in 2012 in last month he will decide to retire and becoming host in Scrabble 2013 tournament. Bantog decide to return in Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015) and he also confirmed that he will become playable in Scrabout 2015.


Adjaua is choosing Bantog to fight in the middle of year 2012 but he rejected that offer to fight because he is meditating to do so. Adjaua creating hosting program to the game and make-up the match of all host. Bantog is fighting of all his strength and hardworking to become the main host. However he place second place and the main host will be Adjaua.

I have a news in mind on December 2012 that Bantog is going to retire as the champion, also his final battle. He choose Bellarius to the battle. And now he lost again for the third time and the title of champion was raise to Bellarius since 2013. This is the first newcomer person who defeat Bantog all of his games.

For the tournaments, Bantog joins to the new tournament for the profile picture. His first opponent was Versong but he was lost by interchanged score results with the legal new word of ZA. Bantog passes three turns which he has no tile to put leading to his four consecutive defeats.

Bantog registered Scrabble Photos Tournament in the year 2015 No. 0024 and his opponent is Abraxia for taking the seat of Usherette No. 05. But he was defeated in the game with the score of 272-364. Abraxia takes the place as the Usherette No. 05 of the tournament.