Balrog is the 2013 World Scrabble Tournament grand champion. His details is unknown, he says if he lost this tournament his life story will untold. He is like Viceroy a mysterious person. He enters Scrabble Photos Tournament for such reasons on Jayvees. Balrog also make his return on Scrabble Photos Tournament in 2015.

Scrabout Photos TournamentEdit

Balrog registering himself in the tournament for such reasons with Jayvees. Balrog says secret if he still here in the tournament. He will tell all if he lost in this tournament. He admits that the all players in Scrabble Photos Tournament are all foes. Jayvees glared at Balrog when he say that. Balrog defeats Valkyrie but was defeated by Versong.

Balrog returns on the second Scrabble Photos Tournament that take place in 2015. Balrog registers the tournament as Player No. 0003. Balrog was selected for the position of Witness No. 10 and his opponent was Lala. Balrog successfully defend his stats over Lala with the score of 299-282 and earn the position of Witness No. 10. After his match Balrog comment so much about Lala that she was great and very nice fighting against her or with her at the moment also Balrog tells the Player position players to good luck.

Balrog is interested to talking to every player because he want to know their capabilities.