Anonay is the participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 and she was the Cameraman No. 01.

History Edit

Anonay is the class feminine player of scrabble that she didn't scare anything even her boyfriend having an affair with a lady. Anonay reveal to be not jealous that is bad for her heart. Her name becames from removing "non" and "y". That is not jealous (jealousy if with letter y). And her real name is Ana Anonay. Anyway her obsessions to the boys leaves her a pleasure.

Scrabble Photos TournamentEdit

Anonay enters Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 and registered as Player No. 0038. Anonay was chosen for the position of Cameraman No. 01 and her opponent was Lacetter the indeed kill stealer or last hitter. Anonay wins the match against Lacetter with the score of 339-300. Thus Anonay plays the role of Cameraman No. 01.