Aniki is a friend of Jayvees during Davao Arc. He is something appears around Downtown Davao City. Going to Monkayo for two days to participate in the tournament called Scrabble Photos Tournament. He was a Seat Helper No. 02.


Aniki registered to enter the Scrabble Photos Tournament, he decided to make his representative picture should be a profile picture but it was stop by Edgeworth in First Elimination Game of the said tournament.

Aniki is return on Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015) registering as Player No. 0056 taking the part of Seat Helper No 02. His opponent was a mistress of the chief Misa and won with the score of 295-288 in a fair fight. And because of this he become a Seat Helper No. 02 and he is eagerly to help the audience for the tournament.


  • Aniki is the japanese word of "partner" or a "pal".
  • Aniki likes sandwhiches especially tamago bun.