John Rey C. Adjaua
Placeholder person
Since he was college graduate appearance
Vital statistics
Title Senior Serviceman (8)
Gender Male
Status Single
Parents Virtuoso Adjaua
Appearances The New Era of Scrabout
Portrayed by Jayvdale
Birthday August 5
Age 17
Best Score 50

Adjaua is a fourth character protagonist of the Scrabout franchise. He was also the main host for the 4 player fight scrabble on November 2012 on Tournament Season 2 along with Bantog, Cipar and Galactic. He played Scrabble in under ten years.


Adjaua also called as John Rey. Adjaua was a good player and commendatory like Steve and Arances . He lives in Adjaua family and a spy of Monk He. Adjaua has a same batch with Jayvees and Nortis and they are different each other to Cyan. Adjaua could enter a 4-player battle or friend battles, he is beyond preceptor to his fellow preceptor since High School Days he easily invest about his shares to other peoples. Adjaua was looking for Jayvees but he found Edmus were blamming each other and Adjaua tells him the reminded reason.

First AppearanceEdit

Main AppearanceEdit

Adjaua made his first appearance in Ill-Mannered that he will appears as commentary but with the of Jayvees Background no one can hint them and help them in battle so he decided to enter the field with Jayvees condition. And Adjaua follow his condition so Adjaua will only watch but Adjaua cannot see Hint outside in battle.

Battle AppearanceEdit

Adjaua made his decisive battle against You while the tournament starts it stated that Adjaua is doing alone against him, while ago Jayvees recovers his strength and he goes late because he fights two enemy in a row.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
You 10 TBD?

Professional CareerEdit

Long time ago Adjaua joins scrabble since 2004 and he will play Scrabble for his first decade.

0 Wins 1 Loses
Res. Record Opponent Full Name Type Player
Date Location Notes
N/AN/ASvenSven Svensson SCRABBLE TBS TBS May 18, 2013 PGSO Comval Professional Debut