Aaron is the participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament in the year of 2015 and he will take the position of Contestant No. 01.


Aaron is the well-trained engineer, he is from the BSU of Monkayo and he wish to go Malaybalay to start his job. Aaron is a nuisance and the one who determine in music and arts. One day if he is the champion and his aiming to become a engineer instructor.


Aaron is now the official player of the first season of tournament 8-player single elimination division created by the two creators of this wiki are Jayvdale and MrScrabout he is the fifth person who was qualify and he is a representative student of BSU and he has no hint ally. He is assigned in Game 4 against Crystalkin and Game 6 against Versong.

Scrabble Photos TournamentEdit

Aaron registers Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 as Player No. 0041. Aaron was selected as Contestant No. 01 he got so very happy. Aaron's opponent was the amateur Heretic. Aaron is capable of entering this tournament to become the champion and his objective as absolute.


  • Aaron's name were used as a priests name [1]